Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Singapore Toy + Comic Convention 2008

yeah! got Pete Fowler's signature on tis free poster...hehe

another chio bu!

nice hair color! i want it too!

she jus looks so cool!

dun mind havin one of those if there's my sz. XD

so cute!

so so cute!!!

design ur own TO-FU

nice + cheap balloons @ only SGD5 each!!!

bought my tokidoki tee for only SGD20 and some free stickers

even shadow storm trooper can't resist

Blythes @ the convention...sweeeet sweeeeeeeet...

Mori Chack busy scribbling on my topshop bag...hehe <",)
...and on my little white gloomy too


bought tis pretty book frm basheer bookstore by Junko Mizuno

Thursday, August 16, 2007

f i b e r - o p t i c s

Japan | Tokyo

tokyo disneyland | my fav: carousel


China | Shanghai | 金山

my colleague's wedding in china

China | Beijing

nokia n73 | carl zeiss